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We work closely with the leading producers of pot plants and offer you year-round products of the best quality at reasonable prices.

Assortment and quality of pot plants

We daily purchase plants at all Dutch auctions (Noldvayk and Alsmeer), carefully monitoring the dynamics of their prices and quality and always making the choice in favor of the best option. The lion's share of plants from the range offered by us is purchased directly from the producers, which guarantees fresh and high-quality goods. We work with plant manufacturers from different countries, including Holland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Portugal. Our assortment contains more than 3500 items, including novelties and exclusive plants.

Packing your plants

For many years of work, we have gained considerable experience of dense and accurate packing of a wide variety of plants without compromising their quality, which allows to significantly reduce their cost price. For example, we effectively pack phalaenopsises in boxes, which makes their transportation very economical. To improve the transport quality of delicate plants, we use special hydrafil bags (absorbing moisture). When delivering indoor plants by airplane, or for convenience of delivery to distant regions, we pack room plants in a box. Packed plants are sent to you in any convenient transport for you. We cooperate with a wide range of transport agents and are always ready to help you with arranging the delivery of flowers by land or by air. We also draw up all the necessary accompanying documents for your delivery - invoices, phytodocumentation, export declarations and others. We have a flexible system of discounts and bonuses all year round. With the increase in the volume of purchases, their total value is reduced for you. Our task is to help you develop your flower business.

Care for Potted Plants

In addition to our online store, you can also use our applications for mobile phone - Mobile App. Choose and buy cut flowers and potted plants through our online store from your mobile phone!

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