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About our Company Enigma Flowers

ENIGMA FLOWERS GROOP - Flowers for all live situations!

Our Holland Company Enigma Flowers Trading - is one of the biggest brokers at the Flora Holland flower auction in Holland and the largest supplier of the Holland assortment in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
Our representative office Enigma Flowers in Israel, together with our Israeli subsidiary April Flower, has long been a trendsetter in floral fashion in the Middle East and Asia. We export the largest range of foliage greenery and flowers.

Latin America and Kenya - is our special love. For over 27 years, we have been exporting flowers from the best plantations and our prices are unbeatable. Enigma Flowers will help you not only buy flowers in Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya, but also to deliver them anywhere in the world.
We provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase in our online WEBSHOP, not only sitting in the office at the computer, but anywhere in the world, directly from your mobile device.

You can download the application of our online store for free from the APP STORE and PLAY STORE. Cooperating with us, you can be sure of the high quality of products and services, efficiency in work and the best prices.

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