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Deliveries of ROSES from Kenyan plantations directly to customers bypassing the auction



Our goal is to offer you the best of what's available in Kenya today. We have more than 6 years of leading position in the export of flowers from Kenya to the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. Our company was one of the first to start deliveries of roses from Kenyan plantations directly to customers bypassing the auction. We work only with the best Kenyan plantations located at an altitude of more than 2-2,500 meters above sea level and built with the latest technology, which guarantees our customers excellent quality of flowers throughout the year, regardless of the weather and season.


Large-Headed ROSE

Not inferior in its visual qualities to the Ecuadorian rose (the same large and full bud), but the winning difference, in favor of the Kenyan rose is the freshness of the flower and the low price!

Small-flowered ROSE

A popular small-flowered rose, usually from 30 to 50 cm, with a very diverse range of colors. The main argument in its favor is the low price, so it is used in inexpensive bouquets of economy class

Garden ROSE

Absolutely stunning garden rose is a gourmet rose! It has a delightful and unique smell, very delicate, magical colors, and is used in wedding bouquets and wedding decorations

We can also offer you a Kenyan assortment for the design of bouquets, namely STATICE, LIMONIUM, WAX FLOWERS, SOLIDAGO and much more.
Ahead of competitors

Our already well-known brand "I love Kenya". The last few years, Spray Rose has become very fashionable, and we were among the first to start exporting it from Kenya to the Eastern European market. We can consistently ensure the supply of spray roses from the best Kenyan plantations, such as: Red Lans, Subati, Sunland, Magana, Harvest, etc. We closely monitor everything happening on the market, and we are able to react quickly to its changes. We are always the first to give the necessary information to customers about new varieties of roses and other novelties appearing on the market.

Processing your orders

Your orders will be handled by a team of professionals. Each client has a personal manager who is fully responsible for the fulfillment of the order, and completely controls the process, starting from your personal preferences in the formation of the order and ending with checking the timely receipt of flowers. Our managers at all stages maintain continuous communication. We pay special attention to the control and storage of boxes at the airport, before departure from Kenya. We work with the best transport agents in Kenya, who have refrigerators at their disposal, directly on the territory of the first line of the airport, in the security zone. Our representatives have full access to the product, and we always check its quality before departure. We clearly control the temperature regime on the way of the goods from the plantation and before loading into the airplane. The logistics center of our Kenyan supplies today is the Netherlands, Schiphol Airport. After receiving Kenyan boxes from the airline, regardless of the way forward, all our deliveries are vacuum-cooled. The process of vacuum cooling is carried out with the help of the largest agents at the Schiphol airport (this important service we pay for ourselves and customers should not bother themselves with additional hassle and payments). All our deliveries, already cooled, we clearly distribute and they continue their way to customers in the CIS countries and Europe. We will always be with you for the execution of any of your orders and you will always be contacted by anyone on any issue.

Our advantages
    Guarantee of impeccable quality of the goods is a necessary and extremely important condition for our work. Competitive prices. Thanks to close cooperation and relations with transport and customs agents, we help to solve problems for customers not only for delivery, but also for customs clearance, both in Europe and CIS countries. We will help you to deliver your goods to any destination around the world.

Tel: 972-73-2226333, Mobile: 972544525940, Fax: 972-9-8858311,


Skype: april.sales.enigma

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