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Buy flowers when and where you are comfortable

We understand the value of your time, so our modern online store allows you to purchase flowers in a convenient for you mode. Install the mobile version of the store on your phone (Enigma Flowers App), you can buy flowers even while away from the computer. You can also receive our special offers by email. Our professional team is always ready to help you solve any arising questions quickly and effectively.

We offer a wide range of cut flowers to the most refined taste

In addition to our online store, you can also use our applications for mobile phone - Mobile App. Choose and buy cut flowers and potted plants through our online store from your mobile phone!

Аукцион цветов в Голландии
Аукцион цветов в Голландии
Аукцион цветов в Голландии
Аукцион цветов в Голландии

We purchase flowers every day at all Dutch auctions, carefully monitoring the dynamics of their prices and quality, and always making the choice in favor of the best option. Each purchased lot undergoes additional strict quality control in our warehouse before it is sent for packaging. We closely cooperate with leading flower manufacturers and receive the best flower products, including exclusive varieties not supplied for auction, directly from greenhouses.

We closely monitor the development of the market, providing our customers with fresh information and the latest floral innovations, often long before they reach the attention of the mass buyer.

If you have a desire to try your hand at buying flowers directly from your office, we offer a ready system for self-purchasing flowers from an auction at a distance (KOA). You buy flowers - we control the quality, and ensure their optimal packaging and control the dispatch.

A distinctive feature of our company's work is an individual, flexible approach to the processing of each order. Purchased flowers for you, passed the quality control and cooled to the optimum temperature, are packed in strict accordance with your wishes. We understand the importance of accurate and dense packing of flower products, so your flowers are packed by real experts. You always get the maximum number of colors in the box without compromising their quality. Packed flowers are sent to you in any convenient transport for you. We cooperate with a wide range of transport agents and are always ready to help you with arranging the delivery of flowers by land or by air. All year round we have a flexible system of discounts and bonuses - the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes for you. We systematically review our work processes, seeking opportunities for their optimization, so that your work with us becomes more and more convenient and brings you only pleasure.

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PotPlants - Tel: 31-174-527092 e-mail:

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