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About our Company Enigma Flowers

Enigma Flowers Ltd - the supplier of elite flowers, whose central office is in Israel, and has been one of the leading flower exporters to the CIS and Europe for 27 years. Deliveries of flowers from all over the world give us the opportunity to provide our customers with flowers throughout the year. To this end, we have established export centers in Holland, Ecuador, Colombia, Turkey and Africa. The assortment of flowers exported by us is very diverse. From Holland we carry out purchases not only at all auctions, but also directly at the manufacturers. We have our own cooling system (precooling), which allows us to maintain high quality colors even in hot summer months. No bouquet today can be imagined without ornamental foliage. Our exported greens perfectly complement your flower compositions, more than 100 of its names, as well as gypsophila, gerbera and rose, we export from Israel. Exotic from Africa and South America is perfect for fashionable flower arrangements. Rose and cloves with more than 50 Ecuadorian and Colombian plantations all season pleases our customers with quality and price. In addition to cut flowers, we offer our customers a large selection of pot plants from Holland and Denmark, which are gaining increasing popularity in the Russian market. The main rule of our work is a high quality of flowers and an individual approach to the client. Proceeding from this rule and relying on the great experience in the flower business, we guarantee the stability of supplies, and the variety of our flowers will satisfy the most refined taste of the buyer. Cooperation with transport and customs agencies allows for prompt customs clearance and fast delivery to all regions of Russia. The staff of our company will ensure a highly qualified approach to each of the stages, which pass the flowers on the way to the consumer - from the moment of their care and to loading on the plane. We guarantee: high quality of colors, efficiency in work, competitive prices and individual approach.

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